Here and Now: An Anthology of Queer
Italian-Canadian Writing, Volume II

(Longbridge Books, Spring 2024)
Edited by Licia Canton

The precursor to this volume, Here & Now: An Anthology of Queer Italian-Canadian Writing (2021), included the work of 38 writers. Over the last two years, in part due to public and virtual events around Here & Now, there has been an increased interest in queer Italian-Canadian writing. It is important and necessary to continue the conversation prompted by the first volume. Here & Now Volume II features the work of more than 50 writers, including many whose work appeared in the original. This book continues to raise awareness about the queer Italian-Canadian reality, helping to break down barriers and encourage inclusion.

Here & Now: An Anthology of Queer Italian-Canadian Writing, Volume II, includes an introduction by scholars Paolo Frascà and Mirko Casagranda. The literary artists featured in Here & Now, Volume II include Amber Dawn, Julian A M.P., Michael Belcher, Scott Belluz, Tina Biello, Anthony Bonato, Gaspare Borsellino, Anna Camilleri, Jessica Carpinone, Giuseppe Caruso, Samantha Civitarese, Rachele Clemente, Paul Coccia, Emilio Colalillo, Liana Cusmano, Selena Di-Filippo, Vee Di Gregorio, Julia-Rose DiPalo Christopher DiRaddo, John Di Stefano, Michael D’Itri, Nikki Donadio, Konrad Eisenbichler, Matthew Fox, Paolo Frascà, Steve Galluccio, Julia Gerbasi, Melissa Giacomini, Milena Gioia, Nicole Haldoupis, Elio Iannacci, Erica Lenti, Benedetto Magagnin, Ariana Magliocco, Angelina Mazza, Steff(ania) Juniper Mendolia, Monica Meneghetti, Anna Nobile, Maria-Hélèna Pacelli, Anthony Portulese, Ryan Pulcini, Giulio Recchioni, Jeremy R. Saunders, Heather Sdao, Christopher Sisca, Samantha Titcombe, Celeste Turner, Vic Valente and mickey vescera.

Here and Now: An Anthology of Queer Italian-Canadian Writing will launch in May 2024. You can pre-order your copy here.

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